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Geekradio is..
  • The first of the Virtual DJs, or VDJS's for short
  • A system that allows any Linux computer to play files according to a schedule, and much more
  • Customizable with very powerful random expressions
  • Uses a web-based interface to allow secure control from anywhere
  • Quite talkative, thanks to the power of the Festival speech synthesis engine
  • Sponsored by Argia as a contribution to the Open Source community
  • In alpha state right now, but improving
  • Capable of automatically reading news from the Internet using SiteScooper
  • Licensed under the Artistic License
  • Driven by MySQL, a powerful SQL database system, and PHP, a powerful and easy to learn scripting language
Geekradio is dependant upon... You can check the development website for Geekradio at SourceForge.
You can also download the latest version (0.1.2) right here.